Taking up the challenge to find the right material at the right time!

Relying on physical simulations to take early decisions on a virtual mock-up

February 9th, 2018 | OPTIS group


Watchmaking is a strong art where exigencies are high in term of perceived quality and final aspect.  


To satisfy this need, only expert can judge the quality of the watch and chose the best design and material thanks to reliable tools.  


In this respect, OPTIS made a scenario of their corporate watch called “the OPTIS watch”. They started designing it as traditional watchmakers do, to better understand their need for testing and simulating every aspect of the fine art of watchmaking. 


Watchmaking is an incredible world where components are very small and where a huge melting-pot of the best materials existing on Earth are used. It’s also a very complicated world as the mechanical gap between each piece is thinner than a sand grain. In other words, watchmaking is an old-established art, nowadays mixed with the best innovations.  


The OPTIS watch has been designed from A to Z. Inside of the watch, you can find a Swiss movement that is acting like a motor, providing energy and right timing to display hours, minutes and seconds. A complex mechanism called "quantième" was designed and added to the movement to mechanically give indications on the day, month and date. 


The “Wouahou effect” comes from the fascinating world of watchmaking. Every person has already had one time in its life a watch on his wrist. Some people even consider the watch as a heritage from old time, where there was no electricity: only a mechanical world.  


OPTIS provides virtual simulations that are so close to reality that you can imagine the feeling of the carbon, the smell of the leather and the reflection of the gold just by looking at them. You can also hear the “tic tac” of the watch, beating like a heart, thanks to its mechanical oscillator. 


Many people are interested in watches. For some of them, it can sound like a proof a success, a heritage or because they are deeply passionate about mechanics, gears, and materials. What about you?





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