The 4 OPTIS trends of the Geneva Motor Show

Audi, Porsche, BMW: these top names in the automotive business are highlighting ground-breaking car models at the International Geneva Motor Show. Here is our round up of the latest auto trends we’ve found inspiring, and that OPTIS helps famous manufacturers develop. With our technology, these trends are on the road today, and there’ll be plenty for them to see here and elsewhere after they’ve inspired all industries.

March 14th, 2017 | OPTIS group

Genova Motor

Express the vehicle’s personality through materials

The more uncommon the materials used, the more personal a car can be.Unique materials aren't just appealing, they do give a car a particular expression. Most of the materials used in original car design have been around for years, but were previously used in different contexts and environments. New production techniques have helped simple materials achieve sophisticated designs, and brought new trends to life. OEMs now express the vehicle’s personality with laminates, woven, carbon fiber, sheet metals, all around

the car. Unusual material and color associations give a

high-end and custom appeal to new vehicles, and all of

this allows the customer to feel comfortable in the car. 


> Coated carbon material - Simulated by OPTIS


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Let the car’s personality shine through

Car designers have the best tool at their disposal when it comes to transform your car: the secrets of good lighting. Mood lighting has the potential to transform a space, creating a unique car interior design. With adapted lighting, designers easily enhance the visual effect of all the other well-thought out details. But mood lighting is about much more than simple aesthetics: it has a powerful psychological impact and lets the personality of the car and of its owner shine through.


The Bentley Mulsanne's mood lighting - Simulated by OPTIS


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State your brand values

Exterior lighting now goes far beyond its simple function of the lighting. Considered as a real design element, it is the aesthetic expression of a brand’s DNA and values: a statement of its sophistication and elegance. A lit signature makes every car unique and ensures it can be recognized, even from a long distance away: they give the car an instantly recognizable night-time signature. Enlivening the car thanks to signature graphic lamps produces new forms of expression and differentiation.


> The Tesla Model S' night time signature - Simulated by OPTIS


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Never fail IIHS standards again! 


Let the car take the control

In addition to design, the Geneva Motor show also puts autonomous driving technology in the spotlight. What is autonomous driving?  A high-minded artificial intelligence, that even mass-market OEMs are now trying to offer as affordable solutions to their customers. Combining sensors, advanced vehicle control and safety technologies with artificial intelligence, the ADAS must maintain a smooth acceleration and an agile driving style to make the piloted driving feel comfortable. And, from head-up displays to external-facing indicators, ADAS communicate with both the driver and pedestrians for a

maximized safety.


> Head-up display simulation and analysis - OPTIS


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