The near future of automotive Human Machine Interface

Safety, along with Ergonomics and Attractiveness are the 3 axes that improve perceived value.

April 25th, 2016 | OPTIS group

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Nowadays, a quarter of all car journeys take place at night, however this also represents 40% of teen crash deaths. The challenge to reduce the number of fatal crashes, makes ADAS and exterior lighting crucial investments.


 Safety, along with Ergonomics and Attractiveness are the 3 axes that improve perceived value. Discover how to improve the perceived value of your HMI.

 57% of global consumers stated they would be pleased to ride in an autonomous car. With the ongoing integration of advanced computer systems into vehicles, the interfaces within them are becoming increasingly complex. 


   Electronics systems continue to contribute more than 90 percent of innovations and new features. All major OEMs are targeting traditional product areas such as quality and safety; infotainment provides a way for OEMs and suppliers to differentiate their products.

  Customers are demanding to be connected in their vehicles, and manufacturers are keen to provide better, more exciting services to keep differentiating their brand and stay ahead of the competition. That’s why they start to adopt an exclusively Human centered approach from product development to the sales, with new leading departments in your organization in charge of Human Machine Interface, Ergonomics, Light & Lightings …


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