Toward autonomous & Secure driving

Optical simulation for the automotive industry of tomorrow

February 23rd, 2017 | OPTIS group

Connected & Autonomous vehicles

Connected vehicles increasingly require optical sensors: visible and infrared LIDAR cameras, cameras providing a 3D view of the 360° car environment. On another hand, car manufacturers need to test their vehicles over thousand kilometers to ensure the reliability of their optical equipment, during different driving scenarios.


With 27 years of expertise in simulating light and human vision, OPTIS is present this week at the “China International Connected & Autonomous Vehicles Summit 2017” to present its autonomous driving solutions.


Thanks to SPEOS DVS, FEOs and Tiers I suppliers can now virtually create high-performance sensors to detect obstacles and pedestrians. Indeed, SPEOS enables the virtual prototyping of cameras that can be virtually tested in any lighting and/or weather conditions.

Thanks to the company’s innovative technologies – based on the physical laws of optics – it is now possible to virtually assemble and test cameras and LIDARs for ADAS under real-life conditions, using an interactive driving simulator.


These innovations are saving time and money for all players in the automotive industry: they can now automate driving off-road while ensuring the comfort and safety of tomorrow’s drivers.



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