Ultraviolet elected color of the year 2018

OPTIS: The art of seeing and simulating the colors of invisible

December 11th, 2017 | OPTIS group


Each new year puts a color in the spotlight! In 2018, the Pantone 18-3838 makes its entry in history. This violet hue, both captivating and intriguing, has something mystical and visionary that drives inventiveness, like a breath to go forward.
Since 1989, it's precisely this visionary fiber that has inspired OPTIS to innovate every day. Its world-leading solutions in the field of light and human vision simulation - used by industries around the world - have allowed the company to attest to its expertise in the world of optics. And for good reason!
Purple, chosen as the color of the year is a particular color, especially because it does not exist. Although difficult to define and to simulate because it does not exist on the spectrum of the colors visible to the human eye, the software SPEOS - which makes it possible to simulate and to define the behavior of the light – makes it possible to simulate the invisible, and thus this color all the more challenging as it is non-existent.


By relying on the physical laws of optics to develop its flagship software, OPTIS can simulate a large electromagnetic spectrum from X and UV rays, through the visible and infrared. Purples have no secrets for this Light Specialist Company!

Photo Credit: Pantone.com©