Virtual Development tools from OPTIS for an LED Matrix Beam

On the other hand, we are not allowed to glare oncoming traffic, so that the visibility is reduced most of the time to low beam instead of high beam.

May 18th, 2016 | OPTIS group


If we look to the number of fatal incidents in road traffic, there was a constant decrease within the last years because of the equipment of cars with passive security systems like airbag. Active systems like ABS helped to shorten the breaking distance and dynamic systems like ESP to control the car in difficult driving situations, all of them mainly protecting the car passengers. Instead of this the new focus of the European Union is now on the other traffic members, like pedestrians and cyclists. While the driving time during night is only 20 percent of our daily car usage, the fatal incidences at night are 40% of all fatal incidents, which means that we can increase the fatalities by making day in night using innovative lighting systems.


SPEOS as CAD add-in (CATIA V5, CREO, NX, SOLIDWORKS® ) will allow to directly use CAD geometry for optical simulation without any data file format transfer loses.

The SPEOS component does not only include geometry data but also light sources and sensors which can be prepared by the TIER1 and be transferred to OEMs in a single file format.



Optis library provides large set of templates for validating legal demands which must headlamp pass.


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