Virtual Reality as a teaching tool

OPTIS puts itself at the service of teaching and learning

June 30th, 2017 | OPTIS group


Whether in the field of aeronautics, embedded technologies or lighting, OPTIS is the partner of different universities and training schools such as POLYAERO and the company-funded chair Embedding Lighting Systems.  

Virtual reality makes it possible to recreate any experience within a virtual environment. It constitutes a new tool for teaching and training. This new technology also enables students to develop their skills on complex operations - mechanical, for example - without being exposed to any danger. 


Jacques Delacour, OPTIS CEO and Founder, confirms

 "The advantage of immersive Virtual Reality is that it will enable every student to practice complex maintenance operations on different systems, and learn techniques and gestures they will be able to reuse during their future career, in real life.” 

Thanks to its immersive virtual reality solutions, OPTIS is convinced that learners can draw real benefits by exploiting virtual prototypes. Virtual reality encourages learning by experience - here a virtual one - and makes it easier to acquire gestures and a real technique by taking the place of a real user.


But that's not all! OPTIS also provides introductory courses on its flagship software SPEOS around the world to enable the younger generation to acquire the skills and methods required for the optical design and light modeling. Having become a reference tool in many industries, this first approach ensures that students are fully operational on the standard solutions used in the industrial world.




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