What is Perceived Quality?

A matter of details

July 17th, 2017 | OPTIS group


Our senses, sight, hearing, touch...  all measure Perceived Quality. A highly subjective concept, Perceived Quality varies in time, just as the end customer's taste varies with the new trends industry regularly offers. Thus, sensory and Perceived Quality evaluations are a strategic tool for OPTIS to innovate, especially in automotive.


Perceived Quality teams at OEM's are often working with spreadsheets full of numbers and measurements. Bearing this in mind, OPTIS acquired Icona in 2013. Now OPTIS Pristine, they are specialized in visualizations and Perceived Quality and developed the Aesthetica software, used by the most prestigious companies from major industries.


OPTIS goal is to couple Aesthetica’s technology with our existing technology to bring added value to our offer. What is the power of OPTIS? Providing the assessment of Perceived Quality directly on physical and reliable visualizations, and optical measurements at any point of an image! Visualizations are necessary to the evaluation of the Perceived Quality of any product: a poor fit and finish, which is only a question of appearance, will lower your opinion of the product’s quality. 



Perceived Quality: Building better products all the time