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ALBIS PLASTIC expands OPTIS' Library with the ALCOM® technical thermoplastics

December 14th, 2016 | Partnership

Albis plactic

ALBIS PLASTIC expands the OPTIS Library with the range of virtual ALCOM® technical thermoplastics. Engineers and designers can now download the plastic models, dedicated to lighting technology applications, directly from the largest online resource of digital light sources, surfaces and materials, and seamlessly integrate them to their 3D designs using OPTIS’ software to create innovative products.

ALBIS PLASTIC’s ALCOM® brand is home to a broad spectrum of thermoplastic materials offering exceptional properties such as homogeneous light diffusion, excellent reflection, and high thermal conductivity, while also offering a great deal of design freedom and mechanical rigidity.



Alcom LB Albis

Alcom LB

ALCOM® LB (Light Blocking) products, for example, provide excellent opacity along with a high reflection coefficient in order to boost light efficiency. The ALCOM® LB portfolio also includes materials whose properties (such as high impact resistance and glow wire ignition temperature) make them ideal for constructing housings for safety lights and emergency lighting systems.






Alcom LD Albis

Alcom LD

Using ALCOM® LD (Light Diffusion) products prevents visual hotspots in order to ensure homogeneous, efficient light distribution. The product line includes grades of different colors, levels of transmission and thermal endurance. ALCOM® LD can also be used to harmonize control elements (such as buttons and switches commonly found in automotive cabins) in day/night designs, and gives illuminated symbols sharp contours from every viewing perspective. Numerous products are already available within the Light Diffusion (LD) field for use in a variety of lighting industry, functional lighting, ambient lighting, and searchlight applications. ALBIS’s ALCOM® LD portfolio also includes light-diffusing compounds for use in extruded profiles for linear LED strips and covers. ALCOM® LDX compounds are “ready-to-use” materials that provide exceptional light transparency with optimum diffusion to ensure homogeneous lighting.


Alcom LG Albis

Alcom LG

ALCOM® LG (Light Guiding) is a range of polycarbonate-based material for use in light guiding elements. Their high transmission values are on par with those of conventional light guiding products such as those based on acrylic, ensuring targeted light efficiency. This high-performance solution combines polymer-specific advantages, such as optimum functionality (integration of snap-on hooks), with exceptional optical qualities.






Our products at a glance:

  • ALCOM® LB - Light-blocking combined with a high reflectivity to increase light efficiency
  • ALCOM® LD - for homogeneous, nearly loss-free light diffusion and excellent light efficiency
  • ALCOM®  LG - for optimum light guidance with exceptional functionality, robustness and heat resistance


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About ALBIS PLASTIC - Tailor-made solutions for lighting technology applications


ALBIS PLASTIC is a worldwide operating company in the distributing and compounding of technical thermoplastics. ALBIS offers the plastic processing industry a diverse product range of high performance plastics, compound solutions and masterbatches. Committed to actively drive forward the development of technical plastics, ALBIS PLASTIC’s know-how ranges from weight-saving and several lighting applications in the automotive industry, to innovative active packaging solutions. But it also includes grades for medical devices, pharmaceutical packaging or diagnostic equipment Furthermore, ALBIS provides material for fascinating possibilities for all types of illuminated symbols and functions as well as housing material for safety lights and emergency lighting systems in the electrical and electronics industry. In total, ALBIS covers a broad spectrum of thermoplastic materials.