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March 23rd, 2015 | Partnership


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Altuglas® Diffuse 


The Altuglas International team has built on its extensive experience in lighting and acrylic materials, along with its innovative techniques in resin compounding to bring new acrylic solutions to a range of different LED lighting lenses – from optically clear to highly diffuse.


This expertise, combined with a recognized need to improve the light diffusion option available on the market, has led to the development of a new family of resins, called Altuglas® Diffuse.  Altuglas® Diffuse products offer a unique set of properties that LED Lighting designers have always wanted – better diffusion of intense LED point light sources, providing a more even illumination (meaning suppression of glare), without sacrificing significant light transmission. This allows the light fixture to achieve higher lumens / watt efficiency while achieving an attractive look without the harsh glare which can sometimes be associated with LED lighting. 


The Altuglas® Diffuse are resins easy to extrude, injection mold, thermoform & cut. At the same time, they gather properties like excellent light diffusion, superior light transmission, outstanding UV resistance & weatherability, scratch resistance. Smooth or textured surfaces can be achievable.


Altuglas® Reflect


Efficient light direction & solid formulations to get performance over timeAltuglas International has developed another product specifically targeted towards LED lighting. This second type, Altuglas® Reflect, has been designed for the interior of luminaires to direct light from the source to the target output area. These opaque white resins have been precisely formulated to achieve optimal reflection, and can be used as formed, with no need for subsequent coating or metallization.


Altuglas® Reflect has been built on the foundation of Altuglas® resins’ historical strengths of excellent weathering over years in harsh environments. While other resins can begin to yellow over time, the Altuglas® Reflect resins have been designed to maintain their reflective performance and brilliant white appearance over the long term. This long-lasting performance makes Altuglas® Reflect an ideal choice for LED lighting fixtures, with their extended useful lives compared to traditional lighting technology.   Specific Altuglas® Reflect resins are available for injection molding as well as extrusion and coextrusion process.  Furthermore, they can be delivered with varying levels of gloss to fit the exact needs of the application.