Gathering professionals and citizens around a urban co-design project

In the future, professional designers will design our cities in close cooperation with the citizenship

February 2nd, 2018 | Partnership


Different cases of public disagreement in different European countries have shown recently that perusing a thorough planning process is by no means a guarantee for a broad public acceptance of an envisioned urban project.


For several months, OPTIS is part of the European project “Urban Collective Design Environment (U_Code), to create new tools for enabling expert planners to co-create and communicate with citizens in urban design”

How to set up modern tools that make it possible to understand the problems around urban spaces? What are the technical, aesthetic, patrimonial and social mix issues? How to bring everyone together around the same urban project and how to allow everyone to suggest their ideas? In brief, how to involve citizens in their city’s project and how to help them to plan the city of the future? So many questions OPTIS and other U_CODE partners will try to answer with 3D models, touch screens, and virtual reality.



Although the design is at the heart of OPTIS's concern - a worldwide editor of light simulation and virtual reality software solutions for industrial applications-, design thinking and the BtoC approach, characteristic of the U-CODE project is something very new for OPTIS. For the first time, the company will put its virtual reality expertise at the service of the public to offer a 100% immersive and true-to-life exploration tomorrow’s urban spaces.


If to date, the project only delivered prototypes, deliverables will be made public throughout the project and should be effective by July 2019.


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