OPTIS and MESSRING help OEMs pass their EuroNCAP thanks to physics-based simulations

June 20th, 2018 | Partnership


Car-to-car impacts are one of the most frequent accidents happening on the roads due to driver distraction or misjudgment. To support the driver in avoiding such nose to tail crashes, car manufactures offer avoidance technology that warns, supports adequate braking and/or ultimately stops the vehicle by itself. To reach this goal, MESSRING, pioneers in automotive safety since 1968 develops and installs innovative, high quality crash test facilities and data capture systems. Thanks to SPEOS – Light and human vision simulation software – OPTIS ANSYS can now virtually reproduce this experience! This enables OEMs to virtually simulate test scenarios, in daylight and at night, and to get the 5 stars rate they need to pass the EuroNCAP test! 

What is the EuoNCAP test?

Euro NCAP has created the five-star safety rating system to help consumers, their families and businesses compare vehicles more easily and to help them identify the safest choice for their needs. 

The safety rating is determined from a series of vehicle tests, designed and carried out by Euro NCAP. These tests represent, in a simplified way, important real-life accident scenarios that could result in injured or killed car occupants or other road users.


While a safety rating can never fully capture the complexity of the real world, the vehicle improvements and the technology brought the past years about by the application of high safety standards have been shown to deliver a true benefit to consumers in Europe and to society as a whole.

MESSRING & OPTIS: From Autonomous Emergency Braking road tests to virtual simulation

To help OEMs pass their EuroNCAP tests safely, MESSRING established the EuroNCAP Vehicle Target for AEBS – Advanced Emergency Braking System -.


Courtesy of Messring


The Euro NCAP Vehicle Target for AEB systems mainly aims at giving consumer information about efficacy of AEBS and testing without damages on the car or a system. Thanks to a dummy with a realistic car appearance and a rail system, car manufacturers can dynamically test the effectiveness of their ABS.


From optics to virtual reality, OPTIS solutions have been supporting the automotive industry since 1989. With the launch of the autonomous and connected vehicles on the market, OPTIS’ SPEOS and VRX solutions help automakers to meet new challenges, mainly when they are related to safety on board.


OPTIS simulation are extremely faithful to reality in that they are based on the physical laws of light and optics. To complete the OPTIS’ Library and make sure that automakers launch more secure vehicles on the market, the software editor decided to optically measure the dummies and add the results to their demos. Other solutions, such as VRX, are already used for the cameras and sensors’ testing, to better ensure the safety of the autonomous vehicle.


Today, MESSRING solutions for the ABS test is one of the safest and most reliable way to get all your stars at EuroNCAP!