OPTIS to conquer Western America

The company adds two virtual reality centers to its counter

November 14th, 2017 | Partnership

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For several years, OPTIS has been offering all its know-how and expertise to the biggest names in the industry in North America. Their aim? Enabling them to innovate day by day. The company is present in Troy, Michigan and San Jose on the West Coast of the United States.


OPTIS' implementation in Silicon Valley is strategic in that it is a high-tech cluster that is teeming with innovators, builders and thousands of start-ups. To enable these players, particularly in the automotive and aerospace sectors, OPTIS is partnering with the ProspectSV Innovation Center and the National Institue for Aviation Research at the University of Wichita. The goal is to make two new virtual reality accessible to its customers to become familiar with Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality but also and above all develop and deploy the products of tomorrow.



To establish its leadership in virtual prototyping dedicated to the aerospace industry, OPTIS has recently joined the NIAR virtual reality laboratory. The goal of this collaboration is to allow users to experience a true virtual experience of assembly, maintenance, and ergonomics of aircraft. NIAR is a global reference in the field that gives OPTIS access to a virtual reality center and world-renowned expertise. This collaboration will enable it to engage aerospace and defense organizations with cutting-edge technology, virtual reality, and offer them ultra-sophisticated equipment for a true-to-life immersion, in a cellar more than 6 meters long.


In parallel, the 4000 square meter Prospect SV will allow its users to exploit OPTIS advanced technologies to develop the technologies of tomorrow, relating to the automotive industry: from the manufacturing to the ergonomics of the autonomous vehicles of tomorrow , through the simulation of sensors and intelligent headlights.

"This west coast deployment means we now have three demonstration and docking centers for our customers in the US: our automotive-focused Detroit office, NIAR for everything related to the aviation industry. , and the new Virtual Reality Center in San Jose. "

Concludes Chris Grieve, West Coast Operations Manager at OPTIS.



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