OPTIS unveils HIM 2017 integrating haptic feedback & VR Audio

OPTIS has introduced the new version of the virtual reality design tool at the GPU Technology Conference

May 15th, 2017 | Partnership


One significant challenge when replacing a physical prototype with a digital model is to ensure the digital model mirrors the real world. OPTIS answers this problem with a physical simulation approach that achieves industry expectations of accuracy. HIM software brings the virtual prototype to an unmatched level of realism. For the first time, three human perceptive senses – sight, hearing, touch, through haptic feedback - are combined to immerse professionals in their design or training platform with a lifelike experience.  


Quadro GPUs provide the reliability and performance HIM software requires to experience 3D virtual prototypes immediately in scale, with a high level of realism. HIM also allows a full body motion capture to evaluate the interaction between end-users and future products. HIM includes collision detection based on NVIDIA PhysX®, a key component of the NVIDIA VRWorks SDK. High-fidelity sound restitution using VRWorks’ VR Audio to adequately simulate how sound propagates, combined with the audio material definition expertise of OPTIS GENESIS, market reference for audio simulation in aerospace and car industry, provides for an entirely realistic VR immersion.  


HIM facilitates an interactive decision-making for globally distributed teams using virtual prototypes, enabling all stakeholders across design, production, and maintenance to be involved earlier in the product development process, reducing communication barriers. Design decisions are easier and faster to make thanks to a collaborative VR environment. For every new product that is designed manufacturers can use HIM to model the production and assembly line in virtual reality and study any gesture to be performed both by humans and robots, in view to maximizing the safety and comfort of operators when building the product. Industrial players can now test and correct assembly errors related to robotics early, and safely operating maintenance on their machines.

"In the very near future, robots will gain ground in design processes and industrial manufacturing in general. OPTIS solutions will help, to a degree, but virtual reality favors/requires human interaction with machines," says Jacques Delacour, CEO, and founder of OPTIS.



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