The OPTIS Library welcomes ARKEMA

The largest online library of digital light sources, surfaces and materials welcomes materials from ARKEMA

June 9th, 2014 | Partnership


Resolutely focused on specialty chemicals and on inventing high performance materials, Arkema is structured into three business segments:

  • Industrial specialties
  • High performance materials
  • Coating solutions

Present in over 40 countries, with a headcount of some 14,000 people, and 10 research centers, Arkema generates annual revenue of €6.4 billion, and holds leadership positions in its markets with internationally recognized brands.


Arkema is now present in the OPTIS Library with :

  • SURFACE - ARKEMA - Altuglas Reflect M31
  • PLASTIC - ARKEMA - Altuglas Diffuse 101
  • PLASTIC - ARKEMA - Altuglas Diffuse 301
  • PLASTIC - ARKEMA - Altuglas Diffuse 502

The OPTIS Library is the largest online library of digital light sources, surfaces and materials keeping the design process on track by finding the right material fast.


OPTIS further expands its exclusive content online library to bring more free models seamlessly integrated to OPTIS software. The OPTIS Library is a free online design resource, to the fast growing user community of OPTIS software. It brings major benefits to design engineers around the world, who could benefit enormously from the use of modeling to quickly develop sophisticated concepts and products.


The OPTIS Library gives you complete control over definitions and use of :

  •  Cameras (DVS – TechnoTeam)
  •  Components (Prisms, Detectors, PV Cells)
  •  Fluorescent Dyes (LED)
  •  LED with the help of RiGo 812
  •  Lenses
  •  Materials (VOP, VOP Diffusers (EVONIK), Plexiglas df …)
  •  Designer Materials (RAL etc…)
  •  Presets (Simulation Paremeters)
  •  Sources (CAD Native)
  •  Spectrum (Sun Glasses, Sunlight, …)
  •  Standards (Photometry, Colorimetry…)
  •  Surfaces (SOP, Solar Reflectors, …)
  •  Tools (3D Texture Generator…)
  •  Custom Measurements
  •  Custom Source Modelling
  •  Surfaces in BRDF or BSDF format (SOP, Solar Reflectors, …)

For a single reference, the OPTIS Library is consisting of many configurations easy to handle due to CAD integration (design tables, positioning using constraints, flux parameters,...)

The high quality definition is usable for forward and inverse simulation.


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