Successful webinars for the 2015 SPEOS release

March 25th, 2015 | Trainings to Webinar


We are pleased to announce our thematic webinars on Automotive Exterior and Interior lighting have been a great success worldwide!

The first webinar covered intelligent designs for exterior lighting systems and the second webinar was about enlivening interior design & ambient lighting, all this to adopt a client-driven development and be sure to reach the target.


Both of them received highly positive feedback from our attendees. These attendees were mainly a mix of Optical, Design, Lighting and even Perceived Quality Engineers. Thanks to these webinars, they wanted to have an overview of the complete offer of OPTIS and discover complementary solutions to these they already use.


Lighting Webinar is still to come this week, which will surely be as successful as the first two. Based on this first success, future webinars will shape up to be even more impressive and successful! 



It's not too late if you missed the webinars!