Testing illumination in virtual environments

June 20th, 2014 | Trainings to Webinar




Gone are the days of testing your lights in physical environments.  Who needs to do that when you can do all of your testing in a fraction of the time, early on in the design process by performing your tests virtually.  From specific standards requirements to test track testing, you can test your lighting systems virtually with physically correct, dependable results.. 



Work directly within CATIA V5, SOLIDWORKS®, CREO and NX




August 27, 2014

Incorporating Real-Time Into Your Process


The design process can be a long and tedious string of trial and error.  From choosing materials and colors to deciding height and scaling of components.  Often during this process the design team creates and idea pushing it down the line to the engineering evaluation only to find out everything needs to start over.   If only there was a way to do early stage design and engineering review...?

This webinar will talk about integrating both the design and engineering departments in early stage design.  We will focus on real-time options bridging the gap between design and engineering, enabling a smoother, faster product design. Work directly within CATIA v5, SOLIDWORKS®, CREO, NX