2017 2nd Smart Car HMI System Technology Forum

With the improvement of user experience demand, the emergence of more and more interactive way, an increase in driving fun at the same time, how to avoid the driver distraction, ensuring the safe driving?

March 23rd, 2017 - March 24th, 2017 | Holiday Inn Shanghai Hongqiao, Shanghai | China | OPTIS Events

2017 2nd smart car HMI System Technology Forum

OPTIS is proud to announce its sponsorship of the 2nd Smart Car HMI System Technology Forum, in March 2017. On that occasion, one of our expert will be presenting OPTIS solutions for HUD and augmented reality, and HMI.


As smart car steps near, senior assistant driving and automatic driving technology development boom, the console manufacturers, auto parts companies, colleges and universities, research institutions are given the man-machine interactive HMI higher values, and all the essences of product research, is four words - the user experience. Can literally, interaction design of car determines the development level and status of the smart car.


Join OPTIS to participate this special event and explore:

  • The new trend of HMI under high assistant driving
  • Intelligent Cluster
  • A variety of human-computer interaction
  • Personalized customized voice interaction program
  • HMI new challenges in the era of intelligent travel
  • Car networking technology how to help enhance the HMI user experience
  • How to balance the relationship between more and more entertainment experience and safe drivin

You can also make an appointment here to meet our expert on ADAS, HMI and HUD either on our booth or outside the forum time during that week.


Visit the event official site

Have a look at the 2017 Agenda to know more about the organiser, the topics, contact details for registration, and the conference background.

We also invite you to review the Sponsor Package for more info about the sponsorship opportunity.

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