This unique event: "Lighting Innovations focused on Styling, Standardization, Safety - Regulatory Affairs: Toward Simplification" will bring together around 300 worldwide participants involved in lighting: directors, managers, experts, researchers and technicians.

April 25th, 2017 - April 26th, 2017 | Marriott Shanghai Parkview Hotel - Shanghai | China | OPTIS Events


OPTIS will renew its participation to the next DVN workshop the will take place in Shanghai on April 25-26, 2017, at the Shanghai Marriott Parkview Hotel, during the Shanghai Auto Show.


Do not miss OPTIS' Product Manager Julien Muller's presentation on the second day of the workshop:

  • Date; Wednesday April 26th
  • Time; During session 5 (01:30-02:30 PM) Contribution of Components, Electronics, Materials, and Simulation Tools to Innovation
  • Main topic; From 3D effect to Pixel Lighting: how to combine styling signature with safety enhancement?
  • Sub topics; 3D effect: presentation of technical impact of key parameters on regulation and styling signature | Pixel Beam: How many pixels are required for GFHB? For Augmented Reality?

Here's a sneak peek of the presentation:


Styling signature is evolving really fast in automotive lighting and especially in rearlamp while in parallel new electronics technology is arriving in headlamp.

Combining styling signature with safety enhancement are possible only if critical parameters are correctly considered and evaluated before launch of production. In our presentation we will focus on one of the latest rearlamp innovations, 3D effect technology, which is an amazing innovation to give depth impression to rearlamp appearance while keeping a compact environment...


Want to know more? Register at the event and schedule a meeting today to get a chance to meet and talk with one of our experts; Drop us a line here.


Visit the official website to get more information about the venue, workshop and registration.

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