Automotive TECH-AD Detroit 2015

The latest trends in vehicle automation

November 16th, 2015 - November 17th, 2015 | Dearborn, USA | OPTIS Events


The annual industry show Automotive Tech.AD Detroit 2015 is a combination of inspirational expert keynotes and well moderated, interactive world café sessions, private discussion rounds and networking sessions.
The event tackles all possibilities of vehicle automation that lie ahead of the industry. With collective knowledge you address the all the challenges that need to be solved for the realization of automated driving as well and best practices from industry leaders. The conference will give precise insights into new developments in the legal sector, it will debate what sort of driving can be automated and address HMI challenges related to Autonomous Driving and explore the changing role of the driver and implications on HMI. The conference will discuss OEM strategies, V2X tech and smart communities today to create the path of automated vehicle technology of tomorrow. Finally the conference debates business prospects and technical strategies, while offering the chance to discuss specific conditions of vehicle automation in a relaxed atmosphere.


Automotive TECH-AD Detroit 2015

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