Automotive Tech.AD Berlin 2018

Define the future of automated driving and discover the next era of mobility.

March 4th, 2018 - March 6th, 2018 | Berlin | Germany | OPTIS Events

Automotive Tech.AD Berlin 2018

Achieving Full Autonomy: The No. 1 European event on technical challenges for vehicle automation L4+

Gilles Gallée, Business Development Director for Autonomous Driving & Simulator at OPTIS, will present on how to take the lead on the autonomous revolution. You will learn how to test and validate LiDAR vision on your virtual prototype, very early in the design process:


WHEN : Tuesday, March 6th, 10:10am. Stream B - CASE STUDY



  • Based on a scientific modelling, OPTIS simulates the complete physics of optics: light, materials in interaction and vision. The integration of these 3 optical phenomena is the key to simulate the vision of LiDAR sensors with a high fidelity. OPTIS virtual testing offers an affordable method to test and validate AV, considering the risk and the multitude of possible scenario, and allowing to reach the six nine reliability required: 99,9999%
  • In-Driving-Scenario: Simulate the LiDAR vision and test ADAS functions in dynamic driving scenario, like in reality.
  • Component development: Detailed simulations allow to support LiDAR engineering process.
  • Integration stage: Validate the engineering integration of LiDAR into vehicle - headlamp, taillamps, windshield
  • Evaluation stage: Calculate LiDAR response and compare various configuration from different target objects

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About the Speaker:

Gilles Gallée earned his Master’s degree in Engineering in Computer Science and Digital Image Processing.

He then joined the IFSTTAR Research Institute in France for several years in a role of expert researcher in driving simulator development working on several collaborative research projects with famous French Automotive OEMs.

Specialist of Virtual Reality and Simulators for transportation, he has been involved with many leaders of the industry such as Oktal (1998-2013) where he’s taken the responsibility of Technical Director. He’s also been in charge of the Automotive Driving Simulator Division and several advanced projects on virtual reality for civil and military customers.

He joined OPTIS in 2013, world-leading company in optical and lighting simulation, and he now works as the Director of the Business Development for Autonomous Driving Solutions at OPTIS.


About the Event:

The Automotive Tech.AD is Europe’s leading knowledge exchange platform bringing together 450+ stakeholders who are playing an active role in the vehicle automation scene.

Testing & Validation, Sensor Fusion, Deep Driving, Operational Safe Systems, Cognitive Vehicles, Software Architectures &  much more.

Join Tech.AD and discuss your roadmap for vehicle automation. Discover the next era of vehicle automation – Now!


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