Borscon Autonomous Driving Industry Summit 2018

Computer vision, algorithmic decision-making, on-board chips, deep learning…With groundbreaking technologies and deeper research, more and more companies are working on autonomous driving. 13 of the top 14 OEMs have announced to join the race and to partner with universities, research institutes and techgiants. Meanwhile, their internet counterparts are proactively developing autonomous driving system by leveraging their strengths in data analytics. Tier 1 suppliers and emerging players in the new supply chain are busy fighting for a share of the action, while established gurus keep making new moves.

May 17th, 2018 - May 18th, 2018 | The Longemont Shanghai | China | OPTIS Events


OPTIS will bring its solutions for ADAS and Autonomous Driving at this international summit.

Our expert will tell you on the 18th May why develop your AD with the VR solutions.


You can find our show booth just next to the main conference hall. 

Come to explore our VR solutions and find the best one for your future AD.


You can also reserve a private meeting time with our expert during the two days summit.


About the summit:


For both established players and late comers, efforts need to be made in revolutionizing some key technologies and redesigning business models. It is against such a context that we decide to hold the 2018 Autonomous Driving Industry Summit on May 17-18, 2018, in Shanghai China, to address some of the much-discussed topics such as ADAS, environment perception, algorithmic decision-making, sharing cars + autonomous driving, by convening industry leaders and experts from OEMs, part suppliers, sensor, processor and algorithm vendors, as well as technology companies.


Want to know more about the event and get in contact with the organizer? Visit the summit official site

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