Driverless Technology Conference

Experience the Driverless Future.

November 22nd, 2016 | Doubletree Hilton Hotel, Milton Keynes | UK | OPTIS Events

Driverless Technology Conference 2016

Current technological capabilities for self-driving cars, highly automated and autonomous vehicles are expanding rapidly.

The Driverless Technology Conference (DTC’16) focuses on accelerating growth within driverless technology and maintaining the UK’s position at the forefront of industry development.

 DTC'16 addresses the new business models and use cases that are linked to driverless technology actively being pursued, researched and sold by major automakers & key disruptors in the market alike.


Come meet OPTIS at Driverless Technology Conference and learn how OPTIS solutions calculate realistic sound and vision simulations helping our clients assess true product capability and address issues early in the development cycle.

OPTIS creates the actual vision, glare, illumination, shadow and reflections that your product’s users will encounter.

Tightly integrated into multiple CAD platforms, OPTIS empowers you to make better use of CAD models utilising virtual prototypes as a medium for: conceptual design, analysis, visualisation, ergonomics- thus helping reduce product defects sooner. This approach, used by automotive, aerospace, off highway, bus and truck OEMs, lighting and component suppliers across industries enhances their product’s quality and improves product performance.

In addition, our suite of noise and acoustic tools is used by many OEMs to help them refine their products, meet legislative goals and troubleshoot acoustic issues.​


Gain true insights into how to:

  • Optimize strategy for driverless technology development within the UK.​
  • Maximise profitability and monetisation of your future mobility model.
  • ​Engage with senior-level decision makers from across the driverless ecosystem.​
  • Progress business models and strategies for bringing driverless vehicles to market.​
  • Source products, services and information.
  • ​Gather market intelligence on the short & long-term forecasts for driverless cars.​
  • Receive updates on the latest developments in autonomous vehicle testing.

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