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March 26th, 2018 - March 29th, 2018 | San Jose McEnery Convention Center - San Jose | USA | OPTIS Events

GPU Technology Conference - GTC 2017
Meet us at GTC 2018, booth 907 in the VR village!

Nicolas Dalmasso, OPTIS Technologies Innovation Director, will talk about Predictive Rendering for Industrial Application (session #S8804).

  • When : Wednesday, Mar 28, 4:00 PM - 4:25 PM
  • Where : Room 230B

Session Description

Physics-based rendering has become a standard in the field of rendering or visualization. Anyway, PBR is not enough for a tool to be predictive, the industrial markets (automotive, aerospace, architecture) are very demanding and having them accept a software as a decision-making tool requires a lot of effort and validation. At Optis, we've strongly focused on optics and photometry simulation for nearly 30 years. Working on real-time GPU-based applications for 10 years, we're now releasing the first GPU-accelerated predictive renderer that mixes rasterization, deterministic ray tracing, and Monte Carlo ray tracing to provide highly realistic spectral propagation of light. In addition with our special-varying Brdf model that can be captured with the device we develop (OMs-optical material scanner), the photometry results computed by the simulation are trustable enough to take costly decisions in industrial use cases such as color and trim, reflection analysis, lighting design, or high-end VR configurators.


About the speaker

After studying computer graphics and advanced computer science at the University of Nice and Polytech Engineering School, and driving several video game teams, Nicolas Dalmasso created his company SimplySim in 2008. It's goal was to provide highly accurate real-time simulation middleware to compete with Virtools and Unity. SimplySim was acquired by Optis in 2011 to bring real-time and VR capabilities to the Optis portfolio. After driving the development and deployment of the different real-time products available at Optis (Theia-RT, HIM, and VRXperience), Nicolas is now in charge of leading innovation at the corporate level.


About the event

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GTC San Jose 2018

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