HUD Design Experience Through Analysis.

April 4th, 2018 | Suwon | Korea | OPTIS Events

OPTIS Korea HUD Day 2018
Join us at the second HUD Day in Suwon, Korea, on April the 4th.


  • 3M
  • Texas Instrument


Augment the driving experience

By supplementing the exterior view of the traffic conditions with information in real time for the driver, HUDs take comfort, safety and automotive experience to a new level. Permanently in the driver’s line of sight, the HUD becomes the key feature to convey and boost your brand image. This is also the best way to make the drivers see that their smart car is perceiving the environment in a better way than themselves. By inspiring driver’s confidence, head-up displays are essential to ease the adoption of Autonomous Driving.


Design in minutes

OPTIS Head-Up Display Solutions bring cutting edge features specifically dedicated to HUD development. Embedding optical knowledge and providing seamless integration in the CAD/PLM environment, it enables drastic improvement with the current development process by anticipating issues at a very early development stage.


Reach your Perceived Quality targets

By offering a reliable lifelike visual experience of a HUD system still in its virtual state, you create a complete simulation of the driver’s perception very early in the process and without a physical prototype. Eye to eye with the drivers, you guarantee the HUD image will reach the perceived quality targets.


For more information about the agenda and registration, visit the event website.

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