The second national automobile quality geometry design and Verification Technology Summit Forum

This event is expected to see a significant improvement in terms of technical level, application depth, exchange range and number of participants. What’s more, relevant professionals from the automobile and household electrical appliance industries are going to attend the event. We believe this event will be another opportunity for you to learn about the latest technologies and useful experiences.

June 15th, 2016 - June 16th, 2016 | Shanghai Pine City Hotel, China | OPTIS Events


Forum Background


Thanks to the establishment of China Dimension Engineering Alliance, the professionals of quality geometry engaged in the Chinese Manufacturing Industry begin to have their own organization. Today, more than a dozen of academic experts, coming from more than 90% of complete vehicle factories of China and relevant supporting factories and the world top software & hardware suppliers, become key members of the alliance. This forum is to provide us a platform of technical exchanges for mutual learning, in-depth research and extended application.


Forum Topics


1. Concept, Procedure and Key Technologies of Dimension Engineering

2. Use and Application of Specifications and Standards in Dimension Engineering Application

3. Tools and Application Methods of Key Technology of Dimension Engineering

4. Perception Error and Its Standard Expression and Analysis Method

5. Definition and Deployment Method of Function

6. Process, Method and Verification of Tolerance Assignment

7. Design and Verification of Geometric Tolerance

8. System and Control of Specification Documents in Implementation of Dimension Engineering

9. Quality Control in Manufacturing Process of Dimension Engineering

10. Application Prospect and Method of Big Data and Cloud Computing In Dimension Engineering

11. Application of Measurement Technology in Dimension Engineering

12. Use of Dimension Engineering in Design Improvement and System Optimization

13. Information Management Technology in Dimension Engineering

14. Relationship Between Dimension Engineering and Cost

15. Practical Application Cases by Enterprises in Implementation of Dimension Engineering

16. Cooperative-Planning and Verification of Processes

17. Control of Manufacturing Process and Application of Measurement Technology

18. Configuration and Application Method of Measuring Devices in Dimension Engineering

19. Status and functions of Matching Technique in Dimension Engineering

20. Requirements for Talents by Dimension Engineering


Host: China Dimension Engineering Alliance
Organizer: Shanghai Qianzhen Expo

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