VI Forum - Virtual Innovation Forum

How is virtuality now used in small and medium enterprises? What tools are used today and tomorrow in large groups? And how is it used? What are the opportunities and challenges associated with the use of virtual methods?

September 22nd, 2016 - September 23rd, 2016 | Ingolstadt | Germany | OPTIS Events

Virtual Innovation Forum 2016

Whether it be product development, mobility, education, urban development or marketing - virtual methods and processes are now almost indispensable in most areas of life and industries. Accordingly, the innovation in the field of virtuality and digitization is a key success factor for the development of a region.


The creation of the VI Forum enables the promotion of virtual innovations in the entire Bavaria region. This event brings together the expertise of regional and international actors like OPTIS in the virtual reality industry. The focus is the establishment of cooperations between companies and institutions from the region.


This autumn, the third edition of the Virtual Innovation Forum, which serves as a platform for idea development, is already ready.


Further information about the VI Forum 2016 on 22-23. September 2016 can be found here!

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