Take the lead on the HUD Revolution: Picture Generation Unit Development

October 30th, 2018 | Webinars

Webinar 30/10

Involved in Augmented Reality development? Discover ANSYS OPTIS virtual prototyping solution dedicated to the development of automotive Head-Up Displays, with a focus on the origin of light, the Picture Generation Unit.



With ANSYS OPTIS’ virtual prototyping solution, qualify and evaluate different design options early in the development process.


Discover how to analyze sunburn issues on the Picture Generation Unit and the housing, a critical point on the road to Augmented Reality HUD. Evaluate the impact of several options and make the right decision to solve it.


Assess the optical quality of the Picture Generation Unit based on a simulation of the whole system. Experience the image on your virtual prototype to validate it and make it ready for production. 




Sebastien Abram | Product Owner HUD

Sebastien is graduated from the Institut d'Optique Graduate School where he studied physically realistic rendering and real time rendering. He joined ANSYS OPTIS in 2015 as a product engineer in the HUD team and he took the Product Management role in 2017.









Cedric Bellanger | Product Marketing Manager


Engineer and communicator, Cédric is an industry maverick who has worked successfully in the worlds of PLM, luxury goods, motorcycles, light simulation and VR design. His current focus is understanding the needs of industries for virtual prototyping and spreading the value proposition of ANSYS OPTIS.









Don't miss the opportunity to discover why ANSYS OPTIS' Physics-Based Simulation is the ultimate solution to test and virtually validate the Picture Generation Unit of your future vehicles, as a key optical element of the HUD system.



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