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June 12th, 2018 | Online | Webinars

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Discover OPTIS' virtual prototyping solution dedicated to the development of automotive Head-Up Displays!

HUDs will certainly become fundamental in the coming years. Firstly because they are a major safety feature and above all, by inspiring driver’s confidence, they are essential to ease the adoption of Autonomous Driving.

As a new feature, HUDs, in particular Augmented Reality ones, require innovation in the design and optimization, with specific attention to Perceived Quality, as the image is permanently in the line of sight of the driver. Not to mention that you still have to face the traditional constraints of the automotive industry, from frequent design changes to cross-department collaboration.



OPTIS’ dedicated  HUD Solution supports you during the virtual prototyping of your HUDs from entry to high-end models. From optical design, through analysis to dynamic visualization, discover how its unique simulation capabilities and ease of use support rapid HUD design iterations, automatic optimization and delivery according to your specifications and Perceived Quality targets.


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Keynote Speakers

Cédric Bellanger | OPTIS Product Marketing Manager

Engineer and communicator, Cédric is an industry maverick who has worked successfully in the worlds of PLM, luxury goods, motorcycles, light simulation and VR design. His current focus is understanding the needs of industries for virtual prototyping and spreading the value proposition of OPTIS.


Ludovic Manillier | Business Developper - Augmented Reality/HUD

After working as optical engineer at Valeo, Ludovic Manillier joined Optis in 2002 to lead the integration of optical simulation technologies in the CATIA V5 platform.

Since 2015, he develops CAE and VR solutions for automotive HUD. He is graduated from École Nationale Supérieure de physique de Marseille with a MSc in Physics.


Don’t miss the opportunity to discover why OPTIS Physics Based Simulation is the ultimate solution to test and virtually validate the HUD of your future vehicles!

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