OPTIS On-site engineering

Need dedicated engineering guidance for your project? OPTIS on-site engineers are directly involved in your teams, helping you day after day to make your project successful.


OPTIS on-site engineers perform a technical, organizational and supervisory role on virtual prototyping projects, accelerating your design process.


Our highly qualified and experienced engineers help you and your teams taking up any challenges, for short or long-term deployment, and can be involved in projects ranging from small scale to multi-million ventures. 

Under your management, managers and technicians, from a single person up to a complete team, will be dedicated to handle your industrial challenge as a whole, directly at or near to your site.

Through our indicators for productivity, flexibility, reactivity and optimization of technical solutions and budget, we provide an obligation of our results' quality.


Our specialized resources will support you in the study and achievement of your project. All our staff is trained and certified in accordance with the requirements and constraints of your industry. This service approach creates expertise, reactivity & adaptability.





Our On-site Services are available in seven client segments: