French Tech’s member Jacques Delacour wins the Trophy of the Engineers of the Future 2016

Jacques Delacour, an engineer graduated from the Superior School of Optics and CEO of OPTIS, is rewarded today by the Trophée des Ingénieurs du Futur of the magazine L'Usine Nouvelle.

December 7th, 2016 | Corporate Information

Jacques Delacour 3

The Trophy of the Engineers of the Future, awarded by the Usine Nouvelle and Industry and Technologies, brings to light exceptional engineers. While engineering is more and more oriented towards management actions, Jacques Delacour is today rewarded with the Engineer-Manager Award. Founder and CEO of OPTIS, his desire to democratize optics by addressing the industrial subjects of light led Jacques Delacour to create this company at the age of 24, freshly graduated engineer of the Superior School of Optics. His responsibilities have evolved with his entrepreneurial experience: the company has grown steadily from a startup of 2 people to an international SME of 250 people to date. He has therefore managed to adapt himself by developing the managerial aspect of his function, while keeping his hands on the subjects of expertise. This double success is today honored through this award. How can these two aspects be managed together? Jacques Delacour explains:


"Some can see management and engineering as contradictory: the engineer is the expert, who will do things. The manager embodies the vision, he is the one who makes people work together. Combining these two aspects is simple: by shifting expertise and focusing not on your technology, but on observing the innovations your customers are developing with your products, and the benefit they derive from them. This is how you can refine your vision. I am very pleased to be the representative of engineers-managers today through this award”

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