OPTIS Opens Virtual Reality Lab in Wichita, the Air Capital of the World

Lab hosts top VR prototyping technology to enhance design process for aviation and aerospace industry

November 8th, 2017 | Corporate Information


OPTIS, a global virtual prototyping company, today announces the opening of its virtual reality (VR) lab within the National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) at Wichita State University (WSU). The lab, part of WSU’s 3DEXPERIENCE Center, provides the VR component of the state-of-the-art virtual and advanced prototyping facility, which includes technologies from VR to 3D printing robotics. The VR lab delivers experiences as they are being designed, allowing users to explore new designs in fully immersive 3D environments and see the results of multiple simulations including bird strikes, multi-physics analysis and others.


The 3DEXPERIENCE Center, a partnership with Dassault Systèmes, involves an interconnected community of top researchers, corporations and laboratories whose mission is to accelerate innovation. The 22,000-sq. ft. facility offers the expertise and technology for companies to accelerate their innovation. Targeted at the aerospace and aviation industries, but also available to other sectors, the center enables companies to engage in advanced product development and the manufacturing of next-generation materials and technologies.

“This facility is one of three demonstration and customer centers in the U.S. In addition to our automotive-focused Detroit center and our Silicon Valley center, this lab will focus on aerospace and defense offerings, helping to further elevate Wichita’s reputation for cutting-edge aviation developments,”

said Chris Grieve, OPTIS Director of West Coast Operations.

“By allowing companies to test and develop their products through VR, we eliminate physical, costly prototypes and decrease time-to-market.”

Several platforms will be demonstrated at the facility, including i-VISION, a software that creates immersive, semantics-based virtual environments for the design and validation of human-centered aircraft cockpits. In addition, the facility will feature OPTIS’s VRXPERIENCE platform, an umbrella for all the company’s VR software – Theia-RT, HIM and VRX. Theia-RT allows designers, product stylists and engineers to view how changes to the material or lighting affect their aircraft in real time, helping them make material decisions in a fully-immersive, virtual environment. HIM, or Human Integrated Manufacturing, when integrated into the industrial process, enables a direct and easy experimentation on a digital prototype – one example being the simulation of aircraft maintenance. VRX offers a dynamic virtual landing experience that goes one step beyond VR to offer an exploration of the multi-faceted landing environment, exactly how a real pilot would see it.


“Our mission at OPTIS is to bring our clients to zero physical prototypes, which is accomplished by simulating as close to true reality the materials, environment and lighting their products will interact within the real world,”

said Jacques Delacour, CEO and founder of OPTIS.

“Providing a facility for hands-on VR demonstrations for our aerospace and aviation partners will allow them to create an efficiency that drives innovation throughout the industry.”

OPTIS’s technology is now available for demonstration at the Experiential Engineering Building on WSU’s campus. Schedule your time at the center by emailing americas@optis-world.com


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