OPTIS announces the creation of its new subsidiary: OPTIS Korea

OPTIS creates the OPTIS Korea subsidiary to support the Korean industry with virtual reality, from design to production.

June 30th, 2016 | Corporate Information


The new subsidiary will operate under the name OPTIS Korea and will be based in Seoul, Korea. OPTIS develops their subsidiary in partnership with IS-Soft, a Korean-based company, a business partner with OPTIS since 2002. The subsidiary will be managed by Henry Seo, general manager of IS-Soft. The new subsidiary will capitalize on Seo’s and IS-Soft’s deep knowledge of Korean industrial needs, and on OPTIS’ expertise in virtual prototyping technologies. OPTIS, who is already known in Korea through its lighting and electronics simulation solutions, used by major companies as Samsung, LG or Hyundai, now wants to develop the offer of its Virtual Reality prototyping solutions.


Commenting on the creation of the subsidiary, Jacques Delacour, OPTIS president, and CEO, says:


“Korean industry has always been driven by innovation. We want to help Korea take a step forward in their industrial processes: thanks to true-to-life virtual prototypes and to virtual experiences, we aim to make the physical prototype a thing of the past, to make products that are more reliable, better designed, with a shorter time to market.”

Henry Seo confirms:


“Technologies and industry in Korea are evolving at fast pace. With OPTIS Korea, we will offer Korean companies more and exciting new virtual design and prototyping solutions, to assist them in their evolution with the guarantee of optimal products.”

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