OPTIS opens Virtual Reality demonstration center in Silicon Valley

Center hosts top VR prototyping technology creating 30 new jobs over the next three years

October 26th, 2017 | Corporate Information

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OPTIS, a global virtual prototyping company, today opens its new Virtual Reality (VR) demonstration center within the ProspectSV Innovation Hub in San Jose, Calif. The hub, a 23,000 sq. ft. facilty provides a place for OPTIS to offer its clients, from large high-tech corporations to emerging startups, the ability to experience OPTIS’ zero prototype software. The facility will demonstrate OPTIS’ VR platform, an umbrella for all company’s VR software—Theia-RT, HIM and VRX, and help bring clients’ ideas to life through immersive simulation.

“This facility will be the third of OPTIS’s demonstration and customer centers in the U.S. Our Detroit center focuses on automotive, National Institute for Aviation Research (NIAR) in Wichita focuses on our aerospace and defense offerings, and this facility will focus extensively on VR,”

said Chris Grieve, OPTIS Director of West Coast Operations.

“Our demonstration center here, in the heart of Silicon Valley, will allow our clients to experience what’s possible in virtual and augmented reality, especially as the Bay Area makes strides in autonomous vehicles and autonomous driving technology.”

OPTIS partnered with Barco, NVidia and HP to deliver this facility, which demonstrates future technology for automotive solutions, including manufacturing and ergonomics for the next generation of vehicles, sensor simulation technology, and intelligent headlights. OPTIS works specifically to simulate advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and LIDAR sensors, key elements in testing autonomous vehicles in VR, which eliminates costly and potentially risky real-world tests. A nearly 30-year-old global company, OPTIS is expanding its U.S. presence and building upon Silicon Valley’s reputation for tech innovation by creating 30 new high-tech jobs over the next three years.


"Congratulations to OPTIS on the opening of its virtual reality demonstration center that will provide innovative ways to improve the driving experience for years to come,”

said San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo.

“I thank OPTIS for its investment in San Jose and look forward to seeing them flourish in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

The three technologies available for demonstration are Theia-RT, HIM and VRX. Theia-RT allows designers, product stylists and engineers to view how changes to the material or lighting will affect their products in real time, helping them make material decisions in a fully immersive, virtual environment. HIM, or Human Integrated Manufacturing, when integrated into the industrial process, enables a direct and easy experimentation on a digital prototype. VRX offers a dynamic virtual driving experience that goes one step beyond VR to offer an exploration of the driving environment, exactly how a real driver would see it.

“At OPTIS, our mission is to create the ability to both streamline and unleash the design and production process. Our VR solutions, used in the automotive, aerospace, architecture, luxury and consumer product industries, help eliminate wasteful physical prototypes and speed up the design process,”

said Jacques Delacour, CEO and founder of OPTIS.

“Meanwhile, we also empower designers to think and create in ways that can be limited by available materials but still allow for hyper-realistic virtual conditions that reflect their product’s culpability in the real world. With this new facility, we’ll be able to offer all our U.S. West Coast current and prospective clients the ability to build their products more quickly and efficiently."

OPTIS’s technology is now available for demonstration at 1608 Las Plumas Ave., San Jose, CA 95133. 


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