OPTIS to unveil its HIM solution for aerospace

In partnership with AIRBUS Group, this version offers exclusive new features for aircraft manufacturers.

June 3rd, 2015 | Corporate Information

HIM for Aerospace

OPTIS, the leading software vendor for the scientific simulation of light, human vision and physically correct visualization today announces the launch of HIM for Aerospace, a special version of its solution for life-like simulation and ergonomics.

HIM Aerospace

OPTISsoftware solutions are already used as decision making tools in the aerospace industry since 1989. Today, in collaboration with AIRBUS Group, they announce HIM Aerospace, aspecific version of HIM, a unique virtual reality technology tool. This software allows people equipped with virtual reality glasses and helmets, or simply using an avatar, to freely explore a life-size 3D environment. To strengthen the immersive aspect of the experience, OPTIS endows this environment with unique photo-realistic renderings. HIM Aerospace is a version dedicated to aerospace, with all the features necessary to aircraft and spacecraft manufacturers. OPTIS will be featuring this new version of HIM at the International Paris Air Show 2015, from 15 to 21 June, 2015. During the show, visitors will have the unique opportunity to try out HIM on real industrial use cases and discover all the advantages virtual reality can bring.

Innovative features

HIM is now closer than ever to reality, and able to address the needs of aircraft manufacturers. They can recreate complex systems and installations, and simulate them in the slightest details. These simulations, close to reality, secure future manufacturing or maintenance tasks, to validate that they are easy to carry out by all and without prior training.

The most powerful innovation certainly is the sophisticated manikin which imitates perfectly the human physiology. Thanks to motion capture, trainers can embody a manikin, customize it and look through its eyes, to perform ergonomic assessments according to the body shape of the future operators, and make sure all operations are easily feasible, ergonomic and within respect of a targeted duration.

The advanced virtual physics for manipulating and interacting with objects within the virtual world allows to manage precisely and intuitively sensitive operations specific to the aerospace industry. Simulated operations in real time can be used for training purposes with an unequaled realism to the training experience.  

An ambitious European Project

Drawing on this involvement in aerospace, the HIM solution has recently been selected as development platform for the I-Vision* consortium. This European-scale project aims at designing the aircraft cockpits of the future, where the information displayed for the pilots will be determined by the flight conditions and situation. The fact HIM can be connected to a dynamic flight simulator shows the flexibility of OPTIS’ technology and unveils the future of HIM, which will allow to practice on-flight maintenance. 



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