OXYTRONIC to revolutionize its aeronautic devices with SPEOS

With SPEOS, Oxytronic wants to bolster the production of its backlit equipment.

October 12th, 2015 | Corporate Information


Oxytronic, the French specialist in embedded systems for civil and military aeronautics, today announces the acquisition of SPEOS solution, thus becoming a new OPTIS customer.

The Paris Air Show is long over but the deal-making is not. After negotiations started during the 2015 Paris Air Show, OPTIS and Oxytronic today announce a deal for SPEOS, OPTIS' light and human vision simulation software. 


The new version of SPEOS will allow Oxytronic to improve the design of its systems dedicated to aviation. It is the perfect solution to optimize display design, verify the even distribution of light in a panel, calculate and test the number of light sources required in a joystick by optimizing their position, and even check beforehand if the selected materials for lightguides are appropriate.

The simulation of its backlit equipment with SPEOS represents a clear advantage for Oxytronic, as it allows to reduce the number of physical prototypes necessary to create its products, thus minimizing production time and cost. Serge de Senti, president of Oxytronic, underlined that:




"The choice of SPEOS is a strategic one for Oxytronic. We are eager to expand our activity and we know that SPEOS is the most used light visualization solution within the virtual reality centers of our customers. It’s thus strategic to offer them a digital mockup of our equipment that they will be able to virtually test easily”.


The acquisition of SPEOS by Oxytronic further highlights the goal of OPTIS: bridging the gap between OEMs and their suppliers around the digital mockup, preserving the industrial properties of both parts. How? By offering a data exchange format that allows to experience in virtual reality a global mockup of the cockpit and to position the suppliers’ virtual equipment , to finally validate its lit performances, its impact on pilots’ visibility and its visual aspect.




“We are very pleased to welcome Oxytronic as a new customer", said Jacques Delacour, OPTIS president and CEO. " Oxytronic has chosen SPEOS due to its efficiency, flexibility and high reliability. SPEOS is the only solution which offers accurate visual simulation and that will allow Oxytronic to optimize its equipment in the future and offer the best to its customers”


OXYTRONIC marketing and technical policy meets the needs of different users by analyzing applicable standards, specifications and customers product requirements. We therefore believe in our key dual role in advising our users and being a reliable partner.

Our strength comes from our wish to meet our customers’ requirements and to adapt ourselves to the complexity of each project within a flexible environment. Our motivation combined with our manufacturing skills and expertise have allowed us to grow steadily for several years since 2005.

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