Reinforcing the commitment to support a fully virtual prototyping process Optis is pleased to announce the acquisition of Icona Solutions Limited.

The addition of Icona’s aesthetica™ suite of software solutions further increases Optis’s perceived quality offering.

October 8th, 2013 | Corporate Information


Already a proven component of the design and development process at leading companies such as Bentley Motors, Fiat, Chrysler Renault and General Motors the acquisition provides access to Optis’s physics based rendering technology and worldwide support organization.

Icona’s aesthetica™ software simulates all tolerance conditions, including form variation and distortion as well as manufacturing deviations which can change the shape of parts and dramatically impact the final build quality of complex assemblies.

Integration of Icona’s technology inside OPTIS' market leading simulation tools will enable early detection of critical engineering and assembly issues in a virtual environment long before a single component is manufactured, avoiding the need for pre and post production rectification, improving quality and significantly reducing costs.

Using Optis’s physics based rendering tools alongside aesthetica™ technology delivers compelling visual communication, sharable and easily understandable across large corporations which is already the leading collaboration within the UK funded STRIVE (Simulation Tools for Rapid Innovation in Vehicle Engineering) project directed at optimising a virtual manufacturing and quality control process. 


“The combination of SPEOS and aesthetica™ is ideally suited to the design and simulation of all complex product assemblies and manufacturing processes, such as those used in the automotive, aerospace and automation domains so we are expecting significant interest and an increase in our global coverage.”


said Jacques Delacour, President & CEO, OPTIS.
Icona Solutions Ltd ’s Non executive chairman Bob Allsopp comments


“I am delighted that Icona Solutions and our aesthetica™ software will be acquired by the OPTIS SA group. aesthetica™ will bring an advanced perceived quality simulation solution to complement the wide ranging existing OPTIS portfolio of optics, light and human vision simulation solutions being used to solve product issues across many industries. Being part of a larger organization with global reach will significantly open up the market potential to the benefit of both Icona Solutions, OPTIS and all of their customers. “ 

Jacques Delacour adds,



“Continuing our group strategy to acquire complementary technology in order to increase our software portfolio to support growing customer needs, I am convinced that considering manufacturing and assembly anomalies as a key factor in overall perceived quality will ultimately result in better products without the need for costly physical prototypes.  We are dedicated to enabling a fully virtual decision making process and the addition of Icona strengthens our overall portfolio aimed at providing simple to understand, predictive visualisation of potential challenges throughout the industries we serve”.