SimplySim and Icona Solutions become OPTIS Imagine and OPTIS Pristine, to create one and only OPTIS brand

OPTIS is pleased to announce the renaming of its two recently acquired development poles, Icona Solutions and SimplySim, to OPTIS Pristine and OPTIS Imagine.

October 27th, 2014 | Corporate Information



In 2011, OPTIS has acquired SimplySim, a software vendor specialized in 3D real time and virtual reality technologies for simulation, trainings and visualization. In 2013, it was Icona Solutions, another software vendor developing a unique software solution aiming at improving perceived quality, which became part of OPTIS. Welcoming these two companies has given OPTIS new and innovative working assets, and has made the offer of the company deeply comprehensive, with terrific new additions to its previous product line.

Today, the brand’s will is to show that its three different R&D poles are part of one and only group, OPTIS. Hence the idea of renaming SimplySim to OPTIS Imagine, Icona Solutions to OPTIS Pristine, and the original development pole of OPTIS, dealing with light and human vision simulation, to OPTIS Illumine. Jacques Delacour, CEO and OPTIS founder, says:




“What we want with these new names for our entities was to create harmony. Through our different products, what we offer, independently from which R&D pole they come from, is connected values for design and engineering. So, we came up with three names reflecting the added value of each of our entities, and with these names, we are telling a story revealing the new nature of product design, to establish a new way forward.”


OPTIS’ inspiration for the new names was the very specific activities of each of its R&D pole. “This is all very logical”, Jacques Delacour explains. “First, you see your product and visually perceive materials thanks to light, so OPTIS Illumine perfectly symbolizes our historical activities. Then, you can explore a whole new world and feel the shapes and colors of your product in virtual reality, with OPTIS Imagine. And, last but not least, you perfect the aesthetics of your product to get a high quality and purity, with OPTIS Pristine”.


The activities of the three entities are totally related and deeply rooted in a logical process which consists in the experience of design creation, from the idea to the final product. With names showing the transverse aspect of its solutions, OPTIS wants to assert its identity and to ensure a comprehensive and consistent answer to the various needs of its customers. What OPTIS provides is a new approach to manage design and human perception, and address complex interactions of lighting, materials and the natural world. OPTIS thus wants to support advanced product creation by extracting synergistic benefits from PLM strategies in optical and virtual reality.


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