Developing functional products that meet the aesthetic needs thanks to OPTIS.

OPTIS, pioneer and world-leading solution provider in lighting simulation solutions for industries, announces its recent client, GHSP, a leading global supplier of mechanical and mechatronic control systems to surface transportation industries.

November 24th, 2016 | Customer focus


Looking for time-saving solutions

GHSP discovers, aligns, and delivers complete mechatronic solutions in a manner that is worry free and maximizes value for their customers. They develop vehicles shift systems and smart pumps as well as electronics controls leading in integrating mechanical, electronic and software elements into solutions that meet 21st century demands for products that anticipate the needs of the people who use them. Bob Roossien, Principle Mechanical Engineer for comments: 


“An OEM Studio designer creates a look that represents the image they want their products appearance to provide. How they get there doesn’t come into consideration. This begins the challenge to adequately develop functional products that meet the aesthetic needs. In the past our mechanical designers were more focused on the function of the product first and lighting the product second. We’ve learned that designing the lighting system needs to be considered from the day you start. The only way this can take place effectively is with an integrated tool that allows us to work within the same CAD structure as SPEOS does. This allows seamless transfer of information without translation issues”. 

Moreover, GHSP has at heart to offer OEMs tailor-made products pushed by the use of virtual prototyping


“With OEM’s moving to more virtual prototypes rather than physical, there’s more demand on the design tools to insure accurate prediction. Development programs do not allow time to re-design products so we need to be correct right out of the gate”.


A will to save time, OPTIS has the right solution for!  


The Choice of OPTIS solutions

OPTIS enables its customers to transform their design process. How? By using SPEOS. This technology enables to design and optimize light and systems. It also gives the opportunity to validate the ergonomics of a product and take a virtual picture of it to review designs collaboratively, directly in one’s CAD software.

Bob Roossien comments:


“With SPEOS, my productivity in being able to provide results and input back to our product engineering teams has increased tremendously.  Where I use to set up models and conditions to run overnight with those runs taking hours to run, I can now run the same level simulations in minutes”.

On another hand, as well as reducing the development time of their products, the GHSP’s team underlines the availability to the OPTIS’ tech support:


“With my previous software I had to submit issues to tech support then wait for their response which would only come via email the next day. No phone or online options were available.   It’s a tremendous plus to have real time conversations with the OPTIS tech support. The ability to do online reviews to work through issues or training on a new area of the software is an extremely significant advantage”

Finally, thanks to SPEOS technologies, GHSP is now able to anticipate its results, Bob Roossien pursues:


“Besides predicting an initial products capability I’m also being asked to predict variation and to provide results based upon that variation.  I could not begin to do that with my previous analysis tool.” 

“Representing in the analysis the real conditions of the product”



GHSP relies on OPTIS solutions and SPEOS to keep on changing the way they design their products and get reliable virtual prototypes in almost real time


“As the acronym GIGO states, garbage in garbage out, an analysis is only as good as the input parameters.  For our applications The SPEOS library of materials is significant in being able to represent in the analysis the real conditions of the product.”

Thus, OPTIS technologies will keep on accompanying GHSP in creating true-to-life virtual mockups which will be used as real decision-making tools. The objective? Bringing their future product faster on the market and to confirm their excellence in manufacturing, all around the world. 


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