Diode Dynamics chooses OPTIS' optical simulation solutions for optimized lighting

OPTIS, pioneer and world leading solution provider in lighting simulation solutions for industries, announces our recent client, Diode Dynamics, a manufacturer of LED lighting products for the automotive industry.

November 16th, 2016 | Customer focus

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Looking for Performance Lighting

Diode Dynamics specializes in the design, fabrication and distribution of quality LED lighting products for the automotive aftermarket. Their business started 10 years ago by offering high quality and low shipping costs on basic lighting product. They have since expanded their product line-up to include unique performance lighting modules, like their Tail as Turn modules, and OEM fit and finish lighting solutions, like their LED Boards and Ford Mustang LED Sidemarker, to mention a few. While OEM’s are just meeting standards, aftermarket companies such as Diode Dynamics add value: car owners want unique styling that sets their vehicle apart from the crowd. The aftermarket is thus putting pressure on the OEM’s in terms of aesthetics. At the same time, performance minds and owners expect high quality lighting, not just a cool look. Diode Dynamics has had success selling aftermarket lighting, but still wants to maintain its high quality standards while improving its products’ design. Paul McCain, Diode Dynamics’ CEO, explains:


“Performance lighting is big. We need to ensure our design will meet performance requirements. At the same time, we are looking for a way to make our productdevelopment faster, and gain an understanding of our future products early before creating physical prototypes, which is costly and time consuming".

The Choice of OptisWorks

In order to develop and test their lighting designs, Diode Dynamics initially used physical prototypes, but found that approach to be limiting. Matthew Conte, Diode Dynamics’ engineer, says:


“We’ve seen a huge potential in being able to simulate our products and avoid costly and time consuming physical prototyping. We’ve done evaluations of three optical lighting solutions, TracePro, LucidShape and OptisWorks and ultimately chose OptisWorks, mostly because of the ease of use and CAD integration into SOLIDWORKS®”.

But not only. OPTIS’ expertise in the automotive industry and their capabilities to help smaller companies were also of prime importance.


“We truly appreciate the support and responsiveness of the OPTIS team. It’s the full package that convinced us: technical, performance and also customer care.”

By using OPTIS’ flagship software – OptisWorks is the version of SPEOS integrated into SOLIDWORKS®- and directly manufacturing most of its products in the US, Diode Dynamics will be able to fully master lighting quality, while bringing unique products to market faster than the competition, for greater customer satisfaction.

“Becoming a Tier-I supplier thanks to OptisWorks”

Diode Dynamics has expanded drastically in the last few years, and plans to hire another 200 employees in the coming years. They are expanding their engineering department, with a goal to add another 50 engineers to their research and design teams within the next 3 years. They plan to have an additional 6 experts in optical design who will champion the OptisWorks software. Paul McCain explains:


“We expect the return on investment to be very quick - within the next few months - as we have a high demand right now. We will keep a strong focus on aftermarket lighting first, but we also expect OptisWorks to bolster us up in becoming a Tier-1 supplier in the near future, as we will soon be ISO certified.”

Diode Dynamics is already looking at how the software can be used in the future, further upstream in the design process to influence the early style development, and is already thinking about expanding their capabilities with new OPTIS products.


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