Discover how AGM Automotive, Inc. accelerates design and development process with OPTIS’ physics-based simulation software

AGM Automotive, Inc. the global supplier of automotive interior trim, lighting and electrical components announced today that they have chosen OPTIS’ SPEOS CATIA V5 Based Simulation Software to simulate optical, light and visual phenomena for its designs.

June 18th, 2014 | Customer focus


SPEOS is the only software of its kind to be truly physics based

Taking into account the physical properties of the surfaces, materials and light sources modeled, thus guaranteeing the accuracy and realistic representation of its results when applied to the design of automotive interiors. Using SPEOS, AGM Automotive, Inc. will be able to make decisions on materials, light, color and visibility, in the early stages of the design process enabling significant improvements in quality and length of design cycle. Rick Comiskey, Director of North America, OPTIS, adds:




“I am really proud to include AGM Automotive, Inc. as an OPTIS customer. AGM is at the forefront of automotive manufacturing and is using the SPEOS software in a number of innovative and exciting ways helping their design processes and customers."

Typically it can take months, if not years, to develop a design from concept to prototype but by using visualization techniques enabled by OPTIS’ software, AGM Automotive is able to reduce both the time and investment required to build a full prototype design. In addition to the other engineering and design tools that AGM currently uses, SPEOS will round out their portfolio offering AGM customers additional services and time saving alternatives.


SPEOS software allows AGM’s design and engineering teams to confirm that a design works well by providing analyses and measurements of ergonomic criteria, as well as the quality of material surfaces under interior ambient lighting conditions. Designers are able to enhance and optimize the layout of the vehicle’s interior, including illuminated graphics to provide the customer with a concept design of its provided specifications and requirements, helping to meet customer expectations.


The SPEOS software has been able to establish strong relationships between AGM and its customers, by providing confidence in testing and simulation. The customer is provided a photorealistic light simulation, based upon their specifications and requirements that allows them to gain insight as to the aesthetic look of the vehicle as it relates to interior lighting.


Along with the positive relationship that SPEOS provides to the customer, it is a user-friendly software that has integrated well within the organization. The software is efficient and allows for prompt timing for the customer as AGM is able to provide a virtual look of the vehicle. Timing, costs and prototype parts are reduced for the customer as SPEOS allows the customer to quickly review iterations, as well as provide a virtual look that allows customer leadership an accurate review of the finished design. The software also provides standards verification and component compliance.


The SPEOS software is integrated within CATIA v5, and allows the customer to visualize what the interior lighting of the vehicle will look to the consumer, as well as how the interior of the vehicle reacts with light in various conditions. 


By using the software, AGM is able to provide accurate illumination on a specific surface of the vehicle from the perspective of the consumer. SPEOS provides AGM the opportunity to look at the dissemination of the light both internally and externally throughout the vehicle, as well as provide a realistic perspective of the effect of lighting in day and night-time conditions.


About AGM

Established in 2001, AGM Automotive, Inc. has positioned itself as a rapidly growing and global force within the automotive industry. AGM is committed to providing its global customers with products and services that meet or exceed requirements and expectations.


AGM Automotive, Inc. has defined itself as a leader within the automotive industry by focusing on its core competencies; lighting/electrical, interior assemblies and carpets/soft trim. With its global headquarters in Troy, Michigan, AGM is able to provide its customers with quality product and services through their four facilities in Michigan, as well as operations around the globe.


Worldwide, AGM Automotive, Inc. employs 350 employees between its United States and global operations and manufacturing facilities.


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