Luxor Lighting relies on SPEOS to develop its European presence

The main European manufacturer has chosen to simulate, analyze and validate its lighting equipment with the SPEOS’ CAA V5 based solution, directly integrated into Dassault System’s CATIA V5.

September 30th, 2016 | Customer focus



Luxor Lighting is a French SME specialized in automotive lighting and signal: the company conceives, develops and manufactures products or functions integrating LED or lamp technologies, and a premium supplier for Peugeot, Renault and Volvo.



“Automotive manufacturers become more and more demanding. As suppliers, we need to constantly upgrade, innovate and maintain our competitiveness, in seeking solutions to stay ahead of the competition “explains Patrick Scholz, Luxor Lighting’s CEO. “Analyze and simulate optics and light, in connection with the CAD solutions on the market, remains the best way for us to master our lighting system design cycle, with a global and virtual vision, in real time. All this, with no need to resort to a physical prototype”.


Thus, Luxor lighting has relied on SPEOS CAA V5 Based, integrated into CATIA, to virtually check its lighting systems. The aim is to improve the products’ efficiency and quality while saving time and money, in order to better appeal their customers. The solution integrates with the whole life cycle of the system, from conception to validation, through design, but also to validate the product downstream.


“This tool will help us to promote a better understanding of the upstream lighting design among all engineers involved in our development process. SPEOS facilitates our pieces of equipment’optimization: we can detect, understand and correct the potential defects of a system in a snap. SPEOS allows us to design as many tests as we want, in order to select the best one, by remaining competitive” says Patrick Scholz. “With this technology, we also win the potential to improve the quality of our decision-making, and reduce the time required to provide the best product to our customers”.

What projects with SPEOS?


“The current activity of our company with SPEOS mainly relies on its historical French and Swedish customers, but Luxor aspires to strengthen its international growth, especially in Europe with the German and English manufacturers. We are targeting the premium market”.

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