OPTIS technology addresses a new domain: safety driving in intelligent cities

The OPTIS new real time simulator technology VRXperience is fully physics based and takes into account both true lighting and human vision.

November 26th, 2013 | Industry focus

Safety Driving

OPTIS the leading software developer for the scientific simulation of light, human vision and physically correct visualization, has launched VRXperience the driving simulator with real time light & human vision effects.


The OPTIS new real time simulator technology VRXperience is fully physics based and takes into account both true lighting and human vision. 
With the conquest for better environmental life and low energy consumption green cities, one direction is to adapt street lighting and illumination to automotive traffic. And this requires an important evaluation of the impact on safety driving.
A perfect case where OPTIS is the only editor to offer a solution able to handle the car with:


  • New headlamp technologies (LEDs, AFS, …),
  • The city illuminated with thousands of innovative luminaires,
  • The optically measured road pavement for a perfect representation of the light coming from both headlamp and luminaires to the driver,
  • The interior light coming from electronics of the dashboard
  • And also virtual light sensors detecting light and movements.



The OPTIS platform allows the user to create and develop light scenario and play them in a driving simulator cabin.
The Human vision simulation allows taking into account the age of the driver. The visual ergonomics analysis tools developed by OPTIS allow representing the field of view and studying the visual comfort during driving.


The intensified use of simulation in the lighting department has many advantages such as the speeding up of the engineering process in an early stage of development. Further advantages are:


  • Cost efficiency by reducing the number of prototypes
  • Time-saving potential
  • Reproducibility of situations and environmental conditions
  • Full flexibility regarding light distributions and traffic scenarios
  • Independence of weather conditions and time of day
  • No potential hazards for human and devices


The main usage of the OPTIS Driving Simulator VRXperience is the evaluation of light distributions. The wish of every lighting engineer, to compare different headlamps (measured or simulated) and stages of development within several seconds, is now enabled in the virtual environment. 

These possibilities represent a high efficient working tool for the function specialists and optical engineers in different phases of the project. The simulator is part of the decision process. It allows reviewing the close-to-reality model of the road illumination and the lit appearance. This ensures that the philosophy is applied through the whole lighting development process. 
The OPTIS new driving simulator VRXperience is also used for further researches on the subjective perception of new light distributions and/or light functions. The TU Darmstadt is using VRXperience in their installation to measure the stress of drivers depending different glare situations (from oncoming traffic) and distraction and stress by using HMI.


These studies aim at generating innovative, qualitative functions with a high level of customer’s added value.


After concluding 5 years of OPTIS research and development program, VRXperience is now available and has already been adopted by KOPTI (the Korea Photonics Technology Institute).