Strategic industrial cooperation between OPTIS and OKTAL towards a unique immersive simulator solution close collaboration with Renault’s VR and Immersive Simulation Center

October 1st, 2015 | Industry focus

OPTIS unveiled the next VRXperience, the physics-based driving simulation solution, dedicated to an ultra-realistic driver experience, at DSC 2015, Tübingen, Germany.


Today, the challenge of the automotive industry is to provide a decisive holistic experience to the car consumer, mixing functional and cognitive ergonomics in addition to simple attractiveness. Besides, the increasingly complex validation requires a complete solution, connecting visual and functional analyses in a single 3D immersive simulator.

To answer these needs, OPTIS, the physics-based simulation software vendor, will showcase the first results of a strategic industrial cooperation led by RENAULT, the French car manufacturer, and in partnership with OKTAL, a manufacturer of driving simulators. The three partners set up a complete new solution: a unique immersive driving experience, How? By connecting their technologies and associating detailed driving simulations models (including vehicle dynamics, traffic and driving scenarios) with a 3D model of the manufacturer’s car and a 3D road as driving environment.

Thus, OPTIS, RENAULT and OKTAL open dramatically new perspectives in the automobile simulation world: merging the most advanced driving simulation functionalities, they place humans at the core of the vehicle development cycle. Thanks to the products’ experience, engineers can adopt an exclusively human-centered approach, from product development to sales. Furthermore, departments in charge of consumer performance evaluation can drive the design from the customer perspective, all along the design phase.

RENAULT - VR and Immersive Simulation Center

The Virtual Reality and Immersive Simulation Center of RENAULT provides virtual mock-ups and simulation tools for various departments within the company, for engineering and styling design, including Autonomous Vehicle and Advanced Driver Assistance System applications. The Center operates a wide set of high performance motion based driving simulators and VR technologies. The Group plays also a role of expertise and adviser in the Renault–Nissan Alliance which is the fourth-largest automotive group worldwide.

Renault has recently implemented a new high resolution CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) facility at its Paris headquarters. This new tool is used for vehicle architecture, styling, interior lighting and perceived quality

OPTIS’ VRXperience, the immersive physics-based driving simulation solution

OPTIS, the virtual prototyping company, brings life and emotion to all industrial projects.  Its world-leading solutions pave the way for a revolutionary design process:  towards zero physical prototypes.  OPTIS offers its expertise in light and human vision simulation within famous CAD/CAM software and dedicated virtual immersive solutions. This synergy creates true-to-life virtual mockups which are used as real decision-making tools.

Deployed on a wrap around 3D screen, OPTIS’ VRXperience recreates an exact driving experience. How? Thanks to the simulation of various weather conditions, from fog to atmospheric attenuation, and of motion blur, making the speed driving feel real, and smoothing motion out. VRXperience also mimics the visual perception of the driver and passenger, to check the eye adaptation to and compensation for rapid light changes and create safer vehicles. Now, for the first time in 3D, drive on real-life tracks and perform a full virtual simulation to validate the car interior, headlights, dashboard lights, rear-view mirrors and even head-up displays. The simulator also prepares the future of car lighting with the possibility to virtually test intelligent and powerful matrix beam headlights prototypes.

OKTAL’s SCANeR studio, the software engine for all testing and driving simulators

OKTAL is a manufacturer and software provider of driving simulator and driving simulation software. SCANeR is a powerful software to easily create complex driving situations for  vehicle  and driver behavior analysis. Initially developed by RENAULT and in partnership with OKTAL today, SCANeR is a worldwide leader in the driving simulation domain, in particular for Autonomous and Connected Vehicle or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems simulation as well as Human Factors studies. 



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