ALBIS PLASTIC now in the OPTIS Library

ALBIS PLASTIC expands OPTIS’ Library with the Alcom® technical thermoplastics.

March 2nd, 2017 | Partnership


In the lighting industry, whether for functional lighting, ambient lighting or searchlight applications, validating the materials you use is crucial to ensure a homogeneous lighting and a targeted light efficiency. The best way to do so is to use virtual materials, to visualize and check the adequacy of various materials on a virtual prototype, before building the real final product.


To answer this need, OPTIS today partners with ALBIS PLASTIC and extends the OPTIS Library with the range of virtual ALCOM® technical thermoplastics. ALCOM® plastics brand is home to a broad spectrum of thermoplastic materials offering light diffusion, light guiding and light blocking characteristics, designed to boost the light efficiency of the final products.  Lighting specialists can now virtually benefit from all the optical qualities of ALBIS PLASTIC’s Alcom product lines: colors, levels of transmission, diffusion, transparency, opacity, reflection – and select the material which best suits their design. After downloading the plastic models from the OPTIS online resource of digital light sources, surfaces and materials, they just integrate them to their 3D CAD designs and test them using OPTIS’ software. The opportunity to test a variety of light outcomes with different plastic materials and to see the impact of light on the design enables to increase design freedom, without requiring a great investment. Testing materials virtually reduces the design process and promotes creativity while ensuring the optimal perceived quality of the final result.


Christian Hesse, Strategy Director for OPTIS, said: “OPTIS focuses on providing material libraries for industrial uses. We are always striving to ensure our customers have the materials they need when they need them, and continually improving the OPTIS Library with new industry-oriented partnerships. OPTIS has always promoted the industrial production of creative, efficient and secure products. With ALBIS PLASTIC, designers and engineers will now be able test many materials on their virtual prototypes with great flexibility before building actual prototypes”.


Discover ALBIS PLASTIC’ thermoplastics in the OPTIS Library:


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