May 21st, 2011 | Partnership

PR Eastman

OPTIS and Eastman Chemical Company have joined forces to offer designers a glimpse of their future and packaging will look like, depending on the material they choose. The realistic rendering offered by SPEOS produces computer-generated images of the optical properties of a material such as the color, reflection, diffusion, opaqueness and transparency. This rendering enables designers to predict the visual appearance of a hypothetical product with unequalled accuracy. During the design of a product, the users of OPTIS software can now choose between numerous cellulosic and co-polyester resins from Eastman. SPEOS applies the specifications and characteristics of the material to the simulated object. It takes into account and allows real time modification of the light environment, the position of the observer and the characteristics of the human eye (level of saturation, color perception, based on physiological experiments.) The result is a hyper-realistic impression of the object as if it was produced in the specified material. 


 Simulations of samples of Eastman materials


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