October 22nd, 2011 | Partnership


Gehry Technologies, Inc., and OPTIS have signed an agreement to create a partnership to develop, market, and support the most advanced building design and analysis software to the global building design market. The software, which will be called Digital Project, will be integrated in Dassault Systèmes’ CATIA V5. The SPEOS series of software represent the state of the art in advanced Optical software. The OPTIS rendering software generates unique computerized product images for each material used, capturing the material’s optical properties, including color, reflection, diffusion, opaqueness and transparency. Using this tool, a designer is able to simulate the visual appearance of any surface with unparalleled accuracy. The software supports real-time modification of ambient lighting conditions, the position of the viewer and characteristics of the human eye such as focusing, saturation, blooming and color perception. The result is a hyper-realistic impression of how the design will look in real life.


“The partnership between OPTIS and GT will give our clients access to the most powerful combination of modeling software available,”

said Dr. Malcolm Davies, Chief Operating Officer of Gehry Technologies,


“We are delighted to be associated with OPTIS which is undoubtedly the global leader in photo-realistic imaging.”

GT plans to distribute two versions of OPTIS as part of the Digital Project family. 


“This Partnership will help both our companies to expand our global reach,”

said Jacques Delacour, President and CEO of OPTIS,


“Architects and Lighting Consultants are ready to move beyond simple rendered images into mathematically accurate simulations of internal and external lighting conditions”.

Download the Press Release, here!