OPTIS announces joint development with AMD for professional graphics technology in physics-based rendering solutions

Today OPTIS and AMD (NYSE: AMD) announced the signing of an agreement aimed at delivering a highly accurate real‐time, physics‐based, rendering solution.

November 12th, 2012 | Partnership


As part of the Company’s ongoing commitment to offer a wide range of visualization technologies, OPTIS has been working with AMD to provide capability for stereoscopic 3D technology.

OPTIS already provides this capability within its THEIA-RT physics based real time rendering software where customers are able to enhance the perceived realism in real time within their 3D models.


The agreement covers joint development of an innovative ray‐tracing engine and rendering solution to support the market centered around OpenCL™ and AMD graphics technology. It will allow OPTIS development engineers early access to AMD graphics cards and future systems as well as direct support from AMD to help ensure quality, validation and performance of the final solution. The goal is to have the solution support available on any of the latest AMD FirePro™ professional graphics cards.


The requirement for highly realistic visualization is becoming more and more important in all sectors of industry, architecture and lighting.


THEIA-RT generates synergies across division (design, engineering, sales & marketing) in order to make reliable decisions on material and color choice, both of which are critical when assessing perceived quality.


OPTIS’ unique technology is based on physics algorithms associating optical properties of light and material to human vision performance.

Performance benchmarks are great, but speed alone is becoming more of a commodity in graphics cards. There are three ways that AMD FirePro™ technology benefits THEIA-RT users above and beyond the basic performance specs:

  • Higher realism with multiple displays
  • Real-time visualization
  • Physics based designs

Following on from the work carried out with AMD, OPTIS will be demonstrating the capabilities of stereoscopic 3D technology within the THEIA-RT product at this year’s SuperComputing (SC12) event in Salt Lake City.


Visitors to the AMD booth will be able to see the superior performance which AMD FirePro™ graphics technology gives to the THEIA-RT’s rendering of stereoscopic 3D models within real-time.

Jacques Delacour, CEO at OPTIS, commented;



“At OPTIS we’re always striving to give our customers additional functionality and performance that will help them to make reliable decisions based on physics (100% BRDF Based and Human Vision based) and in real time. Our collaboration with AMD means we can now demonstrate greater perceived realism within 3D models to make them come alive for users.”


“Delivering highly accurate, real-time, stereoscopic 3D imagery is pivotal to the decision making process of designers, engineers and architects,”


said David Cummings, senior director and general manager, Professional Graphics, AMD. “AMD and OPTIS recognize the need for simulations to represent a high degree of realism in the design process and continue to collaborate to ensure AMD FirePro™ technology products meet the needs of industry professionals.”