Optis Makes Presentation at Opening of Virtual Reality Exhibit at New Detroit Science Center

OPTIS was selected by Dassault Systèmes to present at the recent Gala Dinner of the New Detroit Science Center it sponsors in Detroit, Michigan, USA;

May 14th, 2004 | Partnership


Seven-hundred people, including the presidents of the ‘big three’ US car manufacturers, were present at the gala evening, held to inaugurate a month-long exhibition on Virtual Reality at the Planetarium, which will be open to the public.


The theme of the 2004 Gala is “Virtual Reality:  Advancing Our World” and is sponsored by Ford Motor Company with additional presenting support from General Motors Corp. and DaimlerChrysler.  Dassault Systèmes is Technology Sponsor of the 2004 Detroit Science Gala. 


Dassault Systemes and its solutions have created an entirely new way to view the creation, development, and life-long management of manufactured products.  Designing, collaborating and simulating a product and its production within virtual space has progressed from science fiction to science fact thanks, in part, to the achievements of the Detroit Science Center’s Planetarium sponsor, Dassault Systemes.


“Bernard Charlès, President & CEO of Dassault Systèmes, and his guest the world renowned architect Frank Gehry will showcase the impressive power of technology as it transcends virtually every aspect of design, engineering, manufacturing and innovation,”

said Francois J. Castaing, Chairman of The New Detroit Science Center, speaking before the event.


“We are thrilled to once again present a first-class Gala experience that celebrates the impact of science, technology and engineering on every aspect of life while raising funds to help children visit and learn more at the Science Center.”

Dassault Systèmes called on OPTIS to demonstrate its light simulation solutions that virtually recreate the Dassault Systèmes Planetarium, both inside and outside, taking into account the lighting conditions, optical effects and actual materials used in the construction of the building, which are required in order to render the resulting simulations as close as real-world as possible.


The range of applications addressed by OPTIS solutions is perfectly illustrated in the fact that not only can its software simulate the outside of the planetarium, it will also be used to simulate the complex optics behind the projection system “inside” the planetarium. 


OPTIS also presented its solutions for simulating human vision inside a cockpit – by taking into account surfaces, materials, and reflections and for the first time ever, human eye characteristics.



OPTIS has been specialized in light simulation for over 15 years, and includes over 25 IT, optical and mechanical engineers.  It develops software solutions for light modeling and the simulation of vision for the automotive, aerospace, defense, electronics, display, and consumer goods industries; its solutions are used in over 700 companies worldwide.


OPTIS is proud to have been the first company to introduce optics to CAD solutions, enabling light and optical aspects to be taken into account right from the start of the product development.


OPTIS provides solutions which take into account human eye characteristics, and are thus able to simulate the colors, contrasts, reflections, levels of light as they will really be seen by the human eye.


Jacques Delacour, CEO and President of OPTIS


“We are seeing CAD software taking human factors more and more into consideration. Mechanical design is no longer limited to developing machines; these machines will be operated by humans and the emphasis now is on making them more ‘ergonomic’. This is where OPTIS brings its added value : our software solutions enable engineers and ergonomists to design machines, objects and interfaces which are, from a visual point of view, as user friendly, safe and comfortable as possible. The virtual reality exhibition at the New Detroit Science Center brings these advances to life for the public. The Gala Evening was a hugely informative and enjoyable occasion and I was very honored to take part”.