OPTIS at CES 2016


For the first time, future users are able to actually test products that does not yet exist, in Virtual Reality, thanks to the multi-sensory experience developed by OPTIS. Tech West, Sands, Hall G – booth 80938


SPEOS HPC : large computing power and time gain


SPEOS HPC, the newest arrival of the OPTIS offer, permits to deploy the company’s solutions and get high quality simulation in almost real time. Watchwords for this progress: Rapidity, efficiency and new possibilities due to High Performance Computing!


Discover LEA 2017


OPTIS GENESIS, expert in sound quality, announces the latest version of LEA, one of the best known software package in the fields of signal analysis, sound design and psychoacoustics. Strengthening OPTIS’ portfolio since the acquisition of GENESIS Acoustics, LEA 2017 delivers significant enhancements and additional features for the analysis and simulation of sound perception in various industries including automotive and aerospace. Furthermore, a completely new compatibility facilitates the review of acoustics using Virtual Reality equipment.


OPTIS introduces Subscription Licenses


Since the beginning of 2017, OPTIS has introduced subscription pricing across its entire software and platform portfolio, to minimize costs and offer more flexibility to its users according to their evolving design conditions.

optis subscription licensing

OPTIS & Virtual Reality


OPTIS VR suite(Interactive Virtual Reality solutions) facilitates the decision making process of globally operating interdisciplinary teams in replacing physical prototypes, involving stakeholders of production and maintenance in early phases of the product development process and reducing communication barriers.


OPTIS integrates 3D Textures into OptisWorks


Previously 3D Textures was available as a module within the stand-alone OPTIS software, SPEOS. But its redevelopment as a SOLIDWORKS® add-in module – with significantly improved performance –means that engineering designers can now model complex integrated mechanical and optical engineering tasks seamlessly within SOLIDWORKS®.


OPTIS unveils new version of HIM


With a new version of HIM dedicated to the automotive industry, OPTIS will introduce the next step in virtual reality for industrial ergonomics solutions during the Laval Virtual, from April 8 to 12 2015.